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About us

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Innovation and customer care is in our DNA

Since 1983, Wealden has been providing industry-leading HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance solutions to clients as diverse as government bodies, international groups, schools and universities, commercial businesses and large multi-national organisations. We have served well over 1000+ blue-chip clients in our time, many of whom have been with us for well over 20 years.

Our mission statement hasn’t changed since day one, we are at the forefront of major technologies that enable and empower our customers. From writing the first AS400 systems code to our latest 4th generation solutions heralding us into the next era of distributed Digital HR, we have kept this mission alive and strong.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach at Wealden. We listen and collaborate with our customers to configure current in-house systems, provide SaaS or hosted solutions, and fully manage or an outsourced payroll bureau to meet your needs. We help you face the many challenges of employing staff, complying with changing legislation, meeting HMRC’s requirements and much more. But most importantly, we help you take care of your greatest asset, your people.

Powering us into a new serverless era, we are now creating a unique platform embracing blockchain, conversational UI/AI, iOT and other latest digital technologies. To sustain these growths we are expanding internationally with our new development centre in Hyderabad, and plans to expand offices in Singapore and Dubai in due course.





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Our company

Wealden Group has been providing industry-leading solutions to clients as diverse as government bodies, international groups, schools and universities and large multi-national organisations.

History shows we have the passion to build generational game changers creating some of the first solutions of its time. We are inspired by our Leadership Team, its agility and know-how on how to build a significant global organisation using deep insights gained over time.

We are inspiring the next generation of users on our game-changing platforms using Blockchain, Conversational UI/UX, AI, ML and unique activity-based workflows to transform productivity and user experience.

Our Future

Put your people first…and anything is possible.

We bring about an open spirit at Wealden, where everyone can contribute, learn new skills and play an important part in growing the business. We care very much about providing unrivalled customer care, and that involves hiring friendly, talented people who feel empowered to be the best they can be.


Hitesh Patel

Hitesh Patel

As a serial entrepreneur and qualified Chartered accountant, Hitesh has been involved with many start-ups and organisations pioneering change throughout his career. Setting up the very first WiFi 801.a company; to building global Metropolitan fiber-optic network; to creating a unique data platform for the Oil and Gas sector; to some of the first Blockchain based solutions that are patent pending currently.

Of late, Hitesh has relentlessly been working in pursuit of making things better in the HR and payroll space by building some of the most advanced digital transformational solutions using the latest technologies in Blockchain, conversational UI, Artificial Intelligence driven workflow, and cloud services.

His vision is to inspire change using the latest technologies.

Ram Mamidanna

Ram is an Enterprise Architect Visionary with common sense prevailing as his north star. In his time, he has been instrumental in architecting large scale enterprise systems for several multinationals across various domains.

Over last 15 years, Ram has worked closely with major banks, insurance companies, HCM providers, automotive companies, and governments on major digital transformation projects.

Enterprise integration and microservices has been his key focus. In the last 3 years, Ram has branched out to focus on Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and Conversational UX, to fundamentally change the user experience and performance of enterprise applications.

Ram shares Hitesh's vision of technology changing people's lives.

Our values

Our Approach

From the beginning, Wealden has had one single mission statement—to be at the forefront of major technologies that enable our customers to thrive. Our 4th generation of products and innovations continues our heritage into the next era of distributed Digital HR.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – we aim to attract some of the best talent to work on interesting, ground-breaking technologies. We believe in maturity, ambition, a can-do-attitude, absolute respect for our customers and colleagues, and encouraging personal growth in connected way.

Next Steps

Wealden has all the makings—people, customers, innovations and accreditations— to become one of the most engaging digital HR platforms on the market today. Get in touch to find out more about our products and services and to see if we can create your “complete HR solution”—your way.