Complete control of time, attendance and access requirements with full integration to your payroll.

Wealden’s Time and Attendance Software, HRTime & Access puts the precision in HR and payroll. From collecting shop floor data to project and budget management, the system ensures all data is collected, processed and stored in a safe, secure and accurate way.

Daily working schedules can be set up with fixed hours, variable hours, shift rotation, shifted working hours, full continuous work, part timers, stand-by workers or any other type of schedule.

By capturing employee attendance data in real time and providing accurate up-to-date information regarding your workforce—whether by proxy, biometric, PIN, swipe card readers, or online—Wealden’s HRTime& Access solution gives youa secure and accurate method of transferring attendance information to relevant departments and systems.

What’s more, full integration with HRPayroll means you can easily process timesheets without having to re-enter into payroll.


  • Real time employee data
  • Flexible working patterns
  • Integrated with HRPeople and      HRPay
  • Retrospective correcting              capabilities
  • Flexible roistering
  • Day schedules or 24/7 shifts
  • Flexible daily and period calculations
  • Daily correction of balances capabilities
  • Anomaly summary with approval logs
  • Yearly records for employees and departments
  • Real-time data from swipe card readers, biometric readers, web clocking, soft clocking
  • Asset tracking
  • External linking to CCTV
  • Access control including door management
  • Guard route monitoring
  • Visual representation of badge readers on a user defined map
  • Use of PIN and alarm codes on badge readers
  • Total absence management
  • Customised report builder with automatic output options
  • Automatic processing / actions scheduling facility
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