Our Solutions

HR & Payroll Software

We have the expertise to manage all your HR and Payroll software . We can take care of all your processes from recruitment, on-boarding, paying and managing benefits, training and development, to helping with retirement plans. A complete flexible approach to suit the needs of your organisation.

Payroll Services

With our fully managed or outsourced payroll services, you can outsource your entire payroll to us, or we can work with you to transform your existing HR and payroll processes. We can manage everything from paying your staff, handling inquiries to detailed reporting and dealing with HMRC.


Reganto is the revolutionary new platform that improves your organisation’s financial wellbeing. From a simple payslips platform that allows your employees to view all their financial earnings, spanning their entire career at one place, Reganto gives them access to all they need to know about their financial data.

Why choose us?

Wealden was the name of one of the carriages on the Orient Express – a symbol of luxury. Our company has evolved over the years and we have positioned ourselves as a niche and very customer-focused provider. Wealden is recognised by our customers for our core beliefs – reliability, cost-efficiency and a “can-do” attitude to solve their problems.