Wealden’s New Logo Launch

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new company logo as a part of the ongoing transformation of our existing brand. We have evolved over the years and feel it is time for us to refresh our logo to reflect our journey so far and our journey into the future.

Although we loved our old logo, we are proud of the fact that we have developed the new logo in-house keeping it in line to the transformations we are undergoing as an organisation.

The three bars to the right represent our three platforms, one of which we have already launched under the name of Reganto (in orange), a financial wellbeing platform which will revolutionise the way your employees view their pay data, changing their future beyond imagination (please visit www.reganto.com to know more).

The other two platforms which would be launched towards the end of 2020, are also going to dramatically change the HR and Payroll functions of organisations, big and small. More news to follow subsequently.

We will be working on our website and other visuals, all as a part of this new journey we have embarked upon. This is to give you an amazing user experience, not just with respect to our products, but also with our brand.

Wealden still stands for everything it has been these past 37 years – we value honesty, reliability and in providing cost-efficient solutions that work for our customers. Our company has evolved over the years and we have positioned ourselves as a niche and very customer-focused provider.

We thank our customers for their continued support and absolute faith in Wealden. We hope to keep serving our customers the way we always have.